Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Adapting to Drought: The Case of Painting Brown Lawns Green

The NY Times has published a good case study of how Los Angeles home owners are adapting to climate change and drought conditions.  With water use restrictions (rather than water pricing), some lawns are turning brown. We don't have a lawn because we pulled out the grass and planted low water plants.  For those who insist on continuing to have lawns, this article highlights that capitalism offers a solution. You can pain your lawn green!

Consider the following quote:  this is a microcosm of how we will adapt to climate change.

"There are few people who see an upside to the record-setting drought in California, but Drew McClellan sees a path to business. Earlier this summer, when a friend began complaining about his browning front lawn, Mr. McClellan thought back to his childhood in Florida, where he often spotted golf courses using sprays to dye their greens. When a brief Internet search failed to show any local business offering a similar service, Mr. McClellan decided it was a prime opportunity."

Anticipated crisis ===> $ opportunity === > solution.   What will that solution be?  I can't say but in a world with 7 billion people looking for such solutions the best ideas will be quite good.  Julian Simon would smile.