Thursday, August 14, 2014

Summing Up the Entire Climate Change Adaptation Debate in Two Anonymous Comments

Read this ABC News story about heavy rain and then read the comments. You will see a large number of "climate change deniers" saying that rainfall is cyclical and cracking some funny jokes but then read these two separate comments.

KittyTroll 2 hours ago 0 1
Problem is too many CONCRETE buildings and poor drainage systems! Over Development IS The Problem ! Not the Rain! Heck in most cities they should have patrols to clean drains ( but they don't ) and rebuild the drainage systems should be Mandatory -no it's not even considered or they say too late now! Hogwash!

HBa 1 hour ago 0 0
So you are saying the drainage system caused the record 13.75" of rain.

The 2nd comment is a standard "climate change has caused the surplus rain".  The 1st comment is the smart one. Note the focus on unintended consequences and simple strategies for urbanites to adapt to the "new normal". That's the Climatopolis logic and this is how we urbanites will adapt.