Thursday, August 21, 2014

An Unconventional Economics Textbook

While some leading economists are selling their textbook for $103 and other stars are selling theirs for $209, you can purchase my "Fundamental of Environmental and Urban Economics" book for $1.  I use
this book in my environmental economics course at UCLA as my main text but I think that anyone who is teaching environmental economics or urban economics can use this as a supplement for their course.  While this book's layout will not win any style prizes, its substance is pretty good.   For those who have wanted to see how a University of Chicago trained economist thinks about mainstream issues at the intersection of environmental and urban economics, you won't be disappointed.   I've set the price low because I want folks to read it.   A few people are buying it.  Maybe I need to offer a deeper subsidy to encourage more readership?

I'm posting this now because a new academic school year is about to start and I'm looking for brave young professors who are willing to experiment with a different type of textbook.  All of my lecture materials can be accessed here.