Thursday, July 17, 2014

My 5 Nation World Tour is Over

I have been outside of the USA for 37 days.  I went from Italy to Croatia to Turkey to Israel to China.    On Blue Sky days, I saw amazing islands as I flew from Israel to France (on my way to China). In  Turkey, I had the chance to give a talk to over 500 economists and in China a few hundred people showed up to a conference in Shanghai.  You can read the Chinese version of the remarks here.    In China, I visited Shanghai,  Beijing and Chengdu. I saw pandas and I ate turtle and pig heart and other stuff I don't even want to think about.   I toured each of these cities walking the downtowns and residential neighborhoods.

I spent half the trip with my family but went to Turkey, Israel and China on my own.  My many many friends in China took wonderful care of me.   I have acquired the ability to fly for 13 hours and sleep for 75% of it and suffer no jetlag on the back end.   I have been working on  research over the trip and now am ready to address the 4 revise and resubmits and a zillion other things I now have to get done. It is good to be home.

My only complaint about China is having Google blocked and thus not being able to search or blog or read most blogs including this one.  Still, China is a very exciting place and my two weeks there will make my book with Siqi Zheng even stronger because I have had dozens of new ideas about how to improve our project.

My friend Professor Jie Chen,
Director of Institute of Real Estate Research
Principal Investigator, Institute of Public Policy and Governance
School of Public Economics and Administration,
Shanghai University of Finance and Economics (SHUFE)

sent the following email related to our Shanghai Conference.

Dear Professor Glaeser and Professor Kahn
Many thanks for your generous support to the 2014 international forum on Global Cities Governance. It is your participation and wisdom that made the forum a great success.
Your speeches at the forum have drawn massive attention in Chinese media. Below listed are a few samples from the most influential media in China, including the People’s Daily, the Xinhua News, the China Government Website, CCTV (China Central TV), etc. Many of their reports cited your remarks on the forum and then spread your insights on urban governance across China.
An interview report of Professor Glaeser by China Business News
The online live broadcast by Sina, the largest Homepage website in China:
The full text of Professor Glaeser’s speech on the forum:
The full text of Professor Kahn’s speech on the forum: