Thursday, July 31, 2014

Kayaking in the Pacific Ocean

While I'm well aware that I'm an "urban environmentalist", yesterday I engaged in some Robert Redford style environmentalism.  First, I took a kayak out for an hour and paddled around the best I could off of Carpinteria Beach.   Now I have a sunburn and blisters but at the time it was great.    Last night I attended a showing of the documentary DamNation. It is an outstanding film.   Before attending, I worried that it would be preachy and ignore the benefits that dams and hydro power have offered the nation.  Instead, this is a very witty film that even a two handed economist can appreciate.  The film makes a credible case that we have built too many dams in the U.S with our collection of over 65,000 dams and that diminishing returns have kicked in.  While there is a little bit too much focus on wild Salmon and the crazy guys who love them, the film opened my imagination to the benefits of allowing more rivers to "run wild".

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