Sunday, April 06, 2014

The $1 Environmental Economics Textbook

I have updated my Amazon Book titled Fundamentals of Environmental Economics and have lowered the price to $1.  My goal here is for everyone from high school students, to university students to interested adults to be exposed to basic ideas in incentive theory applied to environmental and urban economics.  While the popular media often doesn't appear to appreciate the benefits of free markets, I want to nudge my readers to think for themselves.

Some critics have claimed that the book is light on "formalism".  That claim is incorrect. The book shows how to take basic linear regression methods and to test environmental economics hypotheses using statistical methods. The book also shows what a powerful framework basic supply and demand is and it teaches the reader how to use simple models of uncertainty to predict how decision makers will respond when they face risk.  The book also introduces the reader to dynamic tradeoffs as it teaches readers about present value calculations.   Relative to its $100 per copy competitors, I promise that this $1 is worth the investment!