Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Adaptation Entrepreneurship and Harvard Business School

"Years of Living Dangerously" was aired at Harvard Business School recently.  Of course, the creators of this Showtime Show hope to motivate voters to support a carbon tax.  I wish that they succeed.   But the HBS students offer a different pathway for coping with climate change. HBS is full of future corporate leaders in finance, entrepreneurship and management.  Many of these young men and women will work in developing nations where the growth is now taking place.  The crisis of climate change creates opportunities for creating products that help us to adapt.  The future economic growth directed towards building and distributing such products achieves a "double bottom line" of creating economic growth and shielding consumers (who purchase these products ranging from better housing to air conditioners) from the blows of climate change.

Showtime's impact is more likely to occur through encouraging adaptation investments rather than by accelerating the mitigation movement's political clout.   Intellectuals need to start thinking about men and women as voters (where they free ride) versus as self interested consumers and investors.