Friday, March 28, 2014

Why is Tom Brady Moving from Brentwood to Boston?

I read in People Magazine today that NFL great Tom Brady is selling this home in Brentwood, California (located 4 miles from me) to move to Boston.  For details about this $50 million dollar home, click here. I am aware that he works in Boston but he only works there for a few months a year and the team plays many away games and he is also approaching his retirement.   A move from Los Angeles to Boston that does not appear to be work related poses a challenge to the "consumer city" theory.   This theory posits that in this footloose age that the skilled and the rich seek out the most desirable areas and thus further enhance those areas both through the property taxes that they pay and through their aggregate purchasing power attracting upscale commercial and retail activity that further enhances the glamour of a specific community and its city (go visit Brentwood to see what I mean).   While I lived in Boston for eight years, I'm not sure that I would rate that livable city in LA's league.