Thursday, August 01, 2013

Vote for Dora L. Costa for the AEA's Executive Committee!

My modest spouse did not tell me that she is running for office!  To serve on the AEA Executive Committee has always been one of her key life goals.   While Guido and David are old friends of ours,  they must be warned that I'm opening up my Nixon bag of tricks to figure out how I can help my favorite candidate win this crucial election.   Do I remind you of Bobby Kennedy in 1960 or of a certain mayoral Candidate from NYC (no not him)?

Dora's research on retirement, health and life expectancy is well known.  Together, we have published more than 10 papers and one Princeton Press book.  Our 11 year old son finds our subject matter to be boring and trivial (he actually has excellent price theory intuition --- for example he immediately understood Coase's conjecture about durable monopoly in the context of new versions of the Apple iPhones).  He plans to become a physicist.