Monday, March 25, 2013

The Demand for Center City Commercial Real Estate

Nasty Gal has moved to Center City Los Angeles.  Why?

"Ms. Amoruso moved Nasty Gal to Los Angeles in 2011, to be closer to her merchants and models. She shunned office space in Santa Monica, where ShoeDazzle and BeachMint are based, for less glamorous space downtown, where 20-something Nasty Gal employees in mesh crop tops, leggings and platform shoes stand out from the paralegals. (Shortly after the move, one employee was berated by a lawyer in the building who saw “Nasty Gal Creative Studio” and assumed it was a pornography studio.)"

This blog post is 1/2 a joke and it is 1/2 a statement about the future of Center City real estate demand. Who needs to be downtown?  Who can visit infrequently by bullet train?