Thursday, January 10, 2013

Some New Economics Books

Some old friends of mine have just published new books.   Ray Fisman and Tim Sullivan have just published The Org.   I had the opportunity to read an early draft and I was quite impressed with how the authors combine ideas from modern incentive theory and organizational behavior to examine many different organizations around the world.  The book highlights the power of economic logic.   While I doubt this book will be turned into a movie,  the Hollywood crew should read it!

For those scholars who teach intermediate micro, there is a new textbook to adopt.   A Dream Team of Goolsbee, Levitt and Syverson has recently published their book.  For those of you who want free stuff, here are two free chapters.  I have the feeling that the authors rejected my advice when I suggested that they discuss at length the use of "lags" as instrumental variables that would allow the scholar to jump from modestly claiming that he/she had uncovered a correlation to making the stronger claim that the relationship represents a "causal effect".