Thursday, January 24, 2013


When it rains in Los Angeles, I'm always surprised.  I'm used to perfection here. If it isn't 75 degrees and blue skies, I wonder what in the heck is going on.   I cancelled a lunch with a colleague of mine today because I don't want to sit inside.  January 24th 2013 is a rare day when I can't have lunch outside. Nasty! If I had anticipated this, I would have negotiated harder with UCLA.    Below, I report a funny picture of the beach in the rain.

More photos: Pineapple Express rolls through the Southland

It is week #3 at UCLA and I'm teaching one class with 110 students and another class with 101 students. I'm earning my $!  It is office hours and nobody has shown up.   While my door is open and students are welcome, I do have my headsets on and I'm listening to this Rolling Stones album.    As my co-authors know, I'm starting to work hard again and they are receiving many emails from me.  I will state for the record that my big goal for 2013 is to finish my China book with Siqi Zheng.  I would trade both of my pinkies in return for a guarantee that we will finish this.  This is going to be a very good book.