Thursday, January 10, 2013

Outsourcing Through Open Source

All of my Winter 2013 UCLA environmental economics course material can be freely accessed here.   I don't use a textbook.  You will see that I've posted the first week's notes, a couple of readings (one by Paul Krugman on the green economy) and homework #1 (which celebrates the Coase Theorem and cigar smoking).   We have completed the first week of the class and more material will be posted each week.

If there are any people on the Internet with lots of free time who write well, I encourage you to take my lecture notes and try to craft them into a witty textbook.  We could then work together to shop this around to a press who wants to create a quirky environmental and urban economics textbook.  Ideally, you can figure out how to integrate by environmental and urban economics videos into this new product.