Tuesday, January 29, 2013

My New "Sustainable Real Estate Course" at UCLA's Anderson School of Management

In Spring 2013, I will be teaching a new course at UCLA's Anderson School of Management.  The thousands of students who have taken my classes at Chicago, Columbia, Harvard, Tufts, Stanford and UCLA all know that I'm a distinctive teacher.   If you want a free taste of the goods, go here.    My new Anderson School course has the lofty title; "Real Estate Investment and the Development of Sustainable Cities".     I encourage interested students to enroll and to get in touch with me.

Here is the Description:

This course applies key ideas from real estate economics and real estate finance to investigate the incentives of developers, urban politicians, and real estate investors to produce “green homes”, “green communities” and ultimately “sustainabile cities”.   Special attention will be paid to the opportunities from investing in energy efficient residential and commercial buildings and for developing and upgrading real estate in close proximity to public transit networks.   The course will embrace an international perspective to examine the rise of Eco-Friendly Cities in developed and developing nations.

If you want to read the course outline and follow the action, click here.