Thursday, January 03, 2013

A Productive 2013?

Today, the economists travel to San Diego for the annual convention.  For those who are interested in what economists actually work on (versus blog about) click here for details.   On Monday, teaching starts at UCLA and I'm somehow teaching two classes with a total enrollment of over 220 undergraduates.  I'm not sure how this happened.  Some extraordinary students have registered for my class and I'm eager to see if I can teach them a thing or two.   Given my commitment to open source and equal access to education, you can access all of the course material for my environmental economics class here.

Will 2013 be a productive year?  It better be.  I will turn 47 soon so I should have maturity to be a functioning adult.  While I'm excited about several of the projects that I'm currently hard at work on, I'm most excited about the book that Siqi Zheng and I are writing about quality of life in China's growing cities..  This is likely to be my last book for a decade.  If this book is well written and well executed, then it will set off an active discussion in China's political circles and will be of interest to Western nerds.