Thursday, November 01, 2012

Why Does David Beckham Trick or Treat in My LA Neighborhood?

I could be wrong but I believe that David Beckham lives in the mansion section of Beverly Hills. That famous community is 3 miles east of my Westwood house.    In the Gated Mansion Section of Beverly Hills, the homes sit on several acres of land and there are large iron gates that keep the barbarians at the gates and unable to walk up the driveway.  So, you can imagine that this isn't conducive to trick or treating while walking with children.

My Little Holmby community offers optimal density for trick or treaters.  The homes in my area are very nice (but not mansions) and nobody has a gated home.  The homes sit on 1/8th acre plots so the walking density is perfect.   David Beckham is a good urban economist. He figured out that on Oct. 31st Little Holmby offers optimal urban density.    Last night, he and several children (it is possible that it wasn't DB but was an adult with tattoos and a very thin body pretending to be him) walked our neighborhood.  He looked me in the eye and wasn't impressed with what he saw.   Several adult women (and a few dudes) were squealing after seeing him.  It was one of those LA nights.