Friday, October 19, 2012

The Lincoln Institute Celebrates John Quigley's Research with a Two Day Conference

I am on a slow moving Acela that is creeping from NYC to Boston.  This is the last leg of my journey and I will return to LA on Tuesday night.   On Monday and Tuesday I will be participating in the Lincoln Institute's Conference that will honor UC Berkeley's John Quigley.    My co-author Siqi Zheng is presenting one new paper we have written and Nils Kok will present another paper that we have co-written. I will sit there and do nothing.  At age 46, that's what I do best;  sit and look deep in thought.  

Many of my friends will be there for the conference.  The first day focuses on energy issues as this was what John Quigley had been working on for the last few years.  The second day will mainly consist of presentations from his excellent set of students who he trained at UC Berkeley.  I was not his student but I always thought of him as a mentor and good friend.  As I have mentioned before, he had a tremendous enthusiasm for living and for economics.  That meant a  lot to me.

The Lincoln Institute deserves a lot of credit for hosting this conference and I'm really looking forward to it.