Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Returning to LA

I am sitting in Boston's Logan Airport.  My 3 days in Cambridge, MA were great.  On Friday, I went to dinner with my co-author Denise DiPasquale.   While we published our last paper more than 10 years ago,  we have agreed to write a new paper on the energy efficiency of multi-family housing.  The paper will be good!  Saturday I went out to dinner with my co-author Mike Cragg's family.  Mike now lives in Belmont, MA and this allowed me to return to a place (Payson Park) where I lived in a nice home adjacent to the park for six happy years.  My son's first days of his life were spent there.   On Saturday afternoon at 4pm, I sat in Payson Park on a sunny day and wondered if I made the right choice to nudge our family West. It was awfully pleasant in that park.    On Sunday, I had breakfast with Dan McMillen (not a co-author) and then had lunch with a new co-author of mine  Danglun Luo from Sun Yat-Sen University in China.  We will be working on corporate finance and environmental performance in China.   On Sunday, I went to dinner with my co-author Erin Mansur.   At the Lincoln Conference on Monday and Tuesday, I spoke for a long time to my co-author Siqi Zheng and Nils Kok.      I then met my co-author Ed Glaeser for coffee in Harvard Square.  So, that's a lot of talk with 7 different co-authors.  I now fly home to see my favorite co-author and her young son.

There is no point to this blog post.  This is a brief diary of the power of face to face interactions.  I haven't bothered to list what I ate during my 5 trips to Legal Seafood while I was here. You need to pay the premium price to access that juicy info.