Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Free Market Environmentalism in 10 Minute Bites

I have returned to the USA and now am sitting at a Starbucks at 85th and Lexington in NYC.  Don't look for me here because I'm leaving in 5 minutes.  On Monday, I was at Columbia and yesterday I was meeting folks at NYU.   New York is a productive place but this is a consumer city.   At lunch yesterday,  Brandon Fuller gave me a good ideas.  He taught me about the Marginal Revolution University's "bite size" videos.  Out of respect to Tyler and Alex, I am going to follow their approach.

My 11 year old son has graciously agreed to work with me to make 60 10 minute videos all focused on free market environmental and urban economics.  In each of these 10 minute videos, I will take a single key idea and speak about the topic while presenting some Powerpoint slides.  All of this material will be posted for free on YouTube.   For folks who know me,  I have a distinctive style of speaking that blends humor, crazed ideas and random asides all while trying to present a Chicago price theory focus on the topic at hand.  I know that I'm a acquired taste. My teaching ratings at Chicago, Columbia, Tufts, Stanford, Harvard and UCLA have always been bimodal but I'm hoping that there is a fat tail of folks who appreciate what I'm trying to do.  The videos will start next week when I return to Los Angeles.

The first segment will be titled;  "Why did I become an environmental economist?"

UPDATE:  The first six lectures are now posted here.   Each video is short and on point.