Friday, September 28, 2012

Water Consumption Reduction as LA Homes Install Artificial Turf and Ditch Grass

This report claims that Californians who live in new homes use 57% of their water outside.  If we now face a drought, wouldn't basic supply and demand suggest that we consider adaptation strategies to reduce our demand?   In this picture below, I present a Westwood home with no "real grass".  This home has ripped out the grass and installed what appears to be a miniature golf astro turf substance.  They must be saving water by doing so.  Yes, this is tacky but this is climate change adaptation and I like it.

Why haven't their neighbors imitated them?  LADWP charges too low a price for water.   This wonderful utility can't keep the lights on in my neighborhood and I see bursting water pipes all around wasting water.  Does LADWP have any Ph.D. economists on payroll?   If "yes", please get in touch with me and I will pay you $5 for corresponding with me by email.   

Many non-economists implicitly assume that all demand curves are perfectly inelastic. In English this means, that consumers do not change their behavior as the price goes up.   It is time that we tested "the law of demand".   Give the price system a chance, and we will enjoy a smooth adaptation path to handling climate change in the Southwest.  


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Curtis Gantt said...

For me, it is important to replace lawns with artificial lawn for the reason that people are using too much water for it. There are eco-friendly artificial lawns now so there is no problem if people will switch to it because it cannot harm our nature and our health also. I like Westwood home’s idea because one advantage that I see is that people will not have a hard time maintaining an artificial lawn.