Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Iron Man

Permit me to contrast my day today and my father's.  At 230am this morning, my 73 year old father received a phone call that a patient of his needed his medical care.  He dressed and went to the hospital to treat her and remained at NYU hospital until 830pm tonight.  That's a 18 hour day.  That's my Iron Man.  

Contrast that with my day.  I woke up at 630am and walked my son to school at 745am.  I made a couple of phone calls to co-authors and worked a bit on a paper.  I had lunch with my colleagues and took it easy in the afternoon. I believe that I worked 3 hours today.   I'm now listening to Soundgarden and typing this nonsense.  Is America growing stronger or weaker?  What are we maximizing?


Roger said...

I would imagine that you are bringing up the idea that perhaps an "Iron Man" type work day is necessary to ensure the U.S. has a strong economy. But though your day seems to be more easy going, there are strengths within that as well. Plus, lets not forget that there are new doctors every year that are mirroring in your fathers "iron man" work day.

1. It's an example of the modern day american dream, where you can choose your line of work as you please, and still be able to live a decently comfortable life.

2. It shows the variety of our economy. You don't have to be a doctor or lawyer to make a living. Todays economy offers a myriad of fields to go into, mostly white collar jobs, which seems to constitute the majority of our economy with many blue collar jobs being outsourced.

The real question may be whether the economies strength is measured by its diversity of career paths, or the rigor of ones work day. Frankly, I would imagine the case could be made for either.

Mie84 said...

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