Thursday, August 16, 2012

Naming "Green" Architects in LA

I like to see examples of successful UCLA graduates who are embracing "sustainability issues" in their professional work.  I was just sent the following email about Beth Holden (a UCLA grad).

Hi there,

We'd love to introduce you to New Theme Inc., an architecture, design and and build firm headed by Beth Holden and partner Wolfgang Melian. Holden launched construction under New Theme in 2004 and has been hard at work developing and building some of the most interesting and eco-friendly residences, commercial building and retail spaces in Los Angeles. Her latest completed works are the Green Greenberg Green House in the Hollywood Hills ( slated to receive LEED Certification); the "Hayvenhurst Folie," which features a solar-powered eco "learning lab" structure on the property that generates enough electricity to light the structure and power a laptop and stereo for music; and Bow & Truss, a restaurant in North Hollywood has just opened in a repurposed auto repair shop in North Hollywood, CA.

Please visit New Theme's new website:  

I clicked on the website and I liked what I saw.  UCLA has a few buildings that could benefit from hiring her firm!  The buildings and a number of the faculty need a make over.