Saturday, August 25, 2012

Bus Access and Local Quality of Life

My wife and I just walked from our house to Westwood Village for a Saturday lunch.   Here is a photo of what it looks like on a typical Los Angeles day in Westwood.

Doesn't it look nice!  It is 75 degrees and sunny and blue skies 310 days a year but there is one disamenity.  The numerous public buses stop every 100 yards in Westwood and idle for long periods of time creating noise, pollution and just feeling of a Greyhound bus station "blah".   Westwood has several dead spots where there are empty commercial real estate places and this "bus stopization" doesn't help.  

I fully support Westwood having public transit access but I would prefer that the buses stop at only one point on the outskirts of the Village perhaps on Le Conte Ave.   So, an interesting tradeoff arises.  As senior citizens grow older and grow in number, will they want buses to stop every 50 feet?  If "yes", this will exacerbate my concern.  I want "express buses" that make fewer stops and have dedicated bus lanes that quickly move across West LA neighborhoods but only make one stop within each neighborhood and then move another mile.