Tuesday, June 19, 2012


I am in the center city of Vienna.   It is not easy to lose weight in this walking city because you offset any exercise with too many calories.  We took a fast train from Budapest to here and now we are seeing the sights.  My son was shocked that a "statue" was really a living human. I told him to give .2 Euros to this "statue" and the "statue" moved and gave him a thumbs up.   How's that for our efforts to jump start the European economy.

A QUICK UPDATE on purchasing power parity.  A Grande Cappuccino costs $3.35 in Westwood Los Angeles and 4 Euros in downtown Vienna.  Given an exchange rate of 1.27 dollars per Euro, Vienna's cost of living is 52% higher than Los Angeles!

In other news, I suggest that you read "Nature: Climate Change".  This wise journal gave a nice writeup  of my carbon geography paper.    For those of you who wonder why in the heck I've moved to Europe for the short term, you can wait for my answer posted here.