Wednesday, May 09, 2012

The Choice

I sometimes mail out "snail mail".  Anticipating this, I own a large number of 44 cent stamps.  It crossed my mind that the first class rate is no longer $.44 and Google informed that it is now 45 cents.  What is an economist to do?

1. I could walk to the post office and stand in line and wait to purchase a large number of 1 cent stamps.

2.  I could double down and put two 44 cent stamps on my envelopes and over pay and run out of stamps.

3.  I could purchase electronic postage at 1 cent a piece here.

4. I could take the gamble of dropping my 44 cent letter in the mail and see if the Obama Administration is willing to subsidize my "green job" (I am an environmental economist)  at 1 cent per letter.