Monday, March 05, 2012

Bad Shocks to Los Angeles Quality of Life

It was 85 degrees and sunny in LA on Sunday and I took my son swimming at the UCLA pool.  Despite this good life, there are dark clouds surrounding LA's quality of life.  Kobe is getting older and the Clippers are now a .500 team since Chauncey was injured.   My son and I could defeat UCLA's men's basketball team in two on two.   UCLA now requires that its esteemed faculty contribute to our defined benefit pension plans and this contribution will quickly rise perhaps as high as 108% of our annual salary!

On top of all of this, one of our favorite restaurants called Orris has gone nuts and made a dumb transition to being an Asian Spaghetti House.  While my wife is half Italian, neither of us can figure out what in the heck this new fusion combo means.  This isn't good.  We had hoped to take Enrico Moretti there for dinner tomorrow night but with the new news that Orris is now a pasta joint we have re-optimized.  You can find us closer to the ocean tomorrow night.

So, let me declare for the record that if LA continues this nose dive --- we will have to leave and move to a city that offers a great quality of life and a serious set of economists.    Does such a city exist?