Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Market Signals

My publisher has notified me that I can purchase hard copies of my Climatopolis book for $2.26 each.   This isn't good news in terms of my expected future royalties but demand curves do slope down. I am purchasing 200 copies and giving them away for free to my UCLA students.  So, this should provide you with a lower bound on how much I care about my students!  The only good news here is that Climatopolis continues to be talked about in unusual places such as the National Review and random Chinese blogs.

On the broad topic of climate change adaptation, I plan to do two things;

1.  I will be writing a historical migration paper with Leah Boustan and Paul Rhode on how U.S migrants responded to past disasters.

2.  I plan to write a short overview paper listing the open micro economic research agenda (both in terms of reduced form slop and fancier structural work) on how to pin down the costs of climate adaptation.