Sunday, January 22, 2012

USC or Bust

While I'm watching NFL football today, on Tuesday I will speak at USC.   USC continues to remind the folks in Westwood that it is on the rise and will soon converge to UCLA's level of excellence.  As a believer in competition, I respect their investments and I would like to see UCLA raise its game to try to keep its lead in the Battle for Hearts and Minds in LA.

When I read my bio below, I am unimpressed.  If a man can be boiled down to two paragraphs, there must be more to me than this?  No mention of Dora or Alex or Climatopolis?  No mention of my law school or Anderson School appointments at UCLA?  No mention that I was born in Chicago?  These are key details that could have attracted more people to my talk.  

For my timid ego's sake,  I would like to see some more ambitious language here; "An economist who dares to be funny, is creative as hell and sometimes on target --- he sees links between questions that  others fail to see and figures out how to cobble together funky data to make empirical progress. His research agenda creates new openings for others to build upon as he moves on to new topics."   That would be sweet but would it be true?