Saturday, December 17, 2011

A Link on Climate Change Adaptation

I am not surprised that more and more reasonable people are starting to think about climate change adaptation.  Such thoughts begin to offer an escape route helping us to sidestep many of the challenges that climate change will pose.  After all, if you can anticipate a threat (even if the threat's impacts are vague and uncertain), you can begin to set up a series of options that will offer you flexibility in responding as you learn about the emerging threat.  So, link #1  is from a California article highlighting what my state is doing to begin to cope with the new challenges (thanks to Neil Lessem for this link).

Where I differ from many other commentators is in my belief that the free market (both individuals and firms) rather than governments will be the leaders in helping us to adapt.  Local governments will only take such actions if their leaders fear that there could be a brain drain and a tax base loss due to climate change under business as usual strategies.  But, note that it is the threat of exit by both firms and skilled individuals that will nudge politicians to act.     For my two pager sketching my optimistic free market view on adaptation read this.