Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Carbon Intensity Reduction in China?

Why is China setting out credible energy intensity reduction targets?   Have they been motivated by pep talks by Tom Friedman and Al Gore?  I don't believe that this will cut global GHG emissions but it will slow the growth of global GHG emissions and it will accelerate the introduction and diffusion of new technologies that will break the link between GHG emissions and economic growth.  Perhaps we aren't doomed.  We still don't fully understand why China is offering the world such a "gift".  Does Beijing value losing the tag of being a global green villain?  Are their leaders concerned that Peak Oil is a real threat and they want to have an implicit insurance policy in case the ecological economists are correct?

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David Fuchs said...

China is fearful of social revolt. If you have seen the images of the Beijing covered in smog, read any of the 64 million comments (mainly complaints) about the pollution, or keep up with the air quality report from the US embassy in Beijing you would understand this is a practical matter for them. Between the unrest, complaints, current and future health issues this is a high priority for them.