Friday, November 04, 2011

Road Trip

I am on a bumpy Amtrak Train moving at 40 MPH from Boston to NYC.  Is this high speed rail?   If I make it before sunset, you can meet me at the Oxford University Press Office.   Yesterday, I spent a great day at MIT. For some details about what David Albouy, Nate Baum-Snow and I were saying about low carbon cities click here.  When the video is posted, you should watch it because it will be funny!  Tonight, I see my brother, parents, niece and sister in-law and this weekend I will see my old friends.  A Road Trip has its merits!  Last night, I had dinner at Legal Seafood and this morning I had breakfast at the Charles Hotel with my old friend Mike Cragg.  The Northeast has charm!


Tobias Thrash said...

I haven't tried to ride an Amtrak train, but my friends told me that it is fun and adventurous, especially when the tracks go bumpy. Perhaps next year, I would ride the California Zephyr.

Tobias Thrash

Dewey Setlak said...

Not only does it HAVE merits, it is THE merit! But only when you take out the usual problems like having your car breakdown or feeling homesick from the equation.

- Dewey Setlak