Friday, November 11, 2011

Judging the Health of the California Economy

If you enjoy seeing California suffer then you should study the data charts available here.  We appear to be collecting less tax revenue and are making greater local assistance transfers.  An alternative source of information on the state of the economy is available here.  This is Ed Leamer's pulse index.  The recent news for the Pacific states looks a bit better.

This budget information matters for UCLA because we continue to take $ from the State.  I am on record stating that this is a mistake. We need to go "cold turkey" and not accept another dime from the state.  To quote Mel Gibson, "Freedom".   If UCLA chooses my path, we will continue to educate hundreds of thousands of Californians and the quality of education will improve.  Yes, the price will go up but nothing worth buying is cheap (except for blog posts!).    UCLA has been too kind to incumbent residents of California.  There are millions of other possible students who currently don't live in California.  If they are admitted and attend UCLA, they may choose to remain in California.  Such in-migration will increase the human capital base of California and this will encourage economic growth.