Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Why Do So Many NBA Players Practice at UCLA?

This article celebrates the fact that dozens of pro NBA players hang out at UCLA to scrimmage.   Why are they here?  To take my class?  To salute the long UCLA tradition of basketball excellence?  To find dates?   There may be some truth to each of these but I believe that urban economics offers a simpler explanation.   UCLA is located in Westwood and Westwood is in West Los Angeles.  These rich guys tend to live around West LA and to hang out around here so it is natural to play ball here.  

When I taught at Stanford, there was a woman in my class who went on to become a WNBA star.  She was often asleep in my class but she told me that the reason for this was because they practiced so early in the morning. Given my track record for training superstar athletes, I encourage the NBA players to audit my fall environmental class. Given that there won't be a NBA season, it is time for these guys to invest again in their human capital.  Skill begets skill baby.