Thursday, September 22, 2011

Green Tea

PERC's Terry Anderson has a smart OP-ED in today's WSJ.  Here is a line from his last paragraph; "
It is not enough to strut your stuff in clothes made of recycled materials while driving your hybrid to an environmental protest. And environmental quality cannot be bought simply by throwing more tax dollars and regulations at problems."

He advocates for a "Green Tea Party (GTP)" .  To quote the article;

"The GTP's platform would be that only prosperity and incentives can drive environmental improvements. The first plank: Wealthier is healthier. From the U.S. to the former Soviet Union, data show that economic growth is necessary for environmental improvement, not its enemy. Such growth requires a strong private sector, not more federal spending and red tape. The second plank: Incentives matter. The GTP would use a carrot instead of the regulatory stick to improve environmental quality, and let energy markets and prices dictate energy sources. A replacement for fossil fuels will be found only when entrepreneurs can make a profit from cheaper, cleaner and more efficient energy."


Hasdrubal said...

Sounds like he's basing the potential platform on the Environmental Kuznets Curve.

But my understanding was that a significant part of the phenomenon was due to citizens reaching a high enough level of wellbeing that they would vote in environmental rules for themselves, not purely through technological innovation.

Jim casey said...

Co2 emissions fall when the economy contracts and emissions grow when the economy grows. The whole idea of growing our way to environmental quality is not "smart."