Saturday, August 20, 2011

Some Links for Today

1. I have written papers on household carbon footprints in both the United States and in China so I continue to be interested in other scholars' carbon footprint calculations.  This study examines the carbon footprint of indoor Cannabis production. Now, that's Freakonomics!  Note that the author is sad that other people find his study amusing.  That makes me sad.

2.  In Berkeley, are street musicians who volunteer to play for free "exploited" during the annual Solano Stroll?   For a debate on this deep issue click here.  I also recommend the letter about the nasty environmental impacts of burning incense.   Permit me to quote Bev Jo from Oakland;

"It's about time more people knew about the dangers of incense, which many of us have known for decades. Scented candles also are toxic, as well as smelling horrible. It's ironic that some "health food stores" are extremely toxic and bad-smelling because of the amount of incense, candles, and other scented products they sell. There is almost no escaping this crap. It is not spiritual to damage other people's health."

I hope she works at the UC President's Office because she is smart.  President Yudoff watch out!

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Carlos said...

So if marihuana is legal, then the dealers will stop using high powered gro lights and put it out in the sun? Sounds good.
But what is more important, and taxonomically comes under the word Cannabis, is hemp - which has a lower carbon footprint, uses less water than cotton, little or no pesticides - but is illegal, lumped in unscientifically with marihauna (which is a high THC producing variety of hemp).
there is a petition to the White House, with support from the likes of Cynthia McKinney, (US Green Party presidential candidate '08) up at
For more info on hemp check out