Thursday, August 25, 2011

San Francisco Real Estate

Here  is a cross-post that I wrote for the UCLA Ziman Center's new real estate blog. If you skim through the blog entries, you will see a diverse set of faculty and students writing for this blog.  We are trying to highlight that UCLA is a hub of real estate research activity.  The faculty are spread out across the Business School, Law School, Urban Planning and the Economics Department and we don't have a Ph.D. course or sequence.  Despite this "sprawl", we are thinking hard about how to use the Ziman Center to co-ordinate real estate research across the campus and how to create something larger than "the sum of its parts".  


tim proy said...
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Jacoblrishly said...

Here is a cross-post that I wrote for the UCLA Ziman Center's new absolute acreage blog.

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