Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Harvey Mansfield Dishes Out Some Punishment

Who knew that Harvard's Harvey Mansfield has an unfavorable view of sociology?  After reading his OP-ED in the WSJ today, I see that he will be a popular graduation speaker.   What does he think about economics?  To quote the Charmer; "

"Others try to imitate the sciences and call themselves "social scientists." The best imitators of scientists are the economists. Among social scientists they rank highest in rigor, which means in mathematics. They also rank highest in boastful pretension, and you can lose more money listening to them than by trying to read books in sociology. Just as Gender Studies taints the whole university with its sexless fantasies, so economists infect their neighbors with the imitation science they peddle. (Game theorists, I'm talking about you.)"

Now, that's diversity in the academy!