Tuesday, April 26, 2011

UCLA as a Center of Academic Real Estate Research

West Los Angeles is always the place to be but this Friday and Saturday, the UCLA Ziman Center for Real Estate and the UCLA Economics Department will be raising the stakes by hosting this real estate conference.  Moshe Buchinsky, Stuart Gabriel and I have worked hard to put together an exciting research conference that focuses on real estate issues at the intersection between micro and macro economics.   Los Angeles attracts talent.  Only one scholar declined my conference invite and that's because he is on leave in England right now.   We are building up the research component of the Ziman Center and I have big plans for expanding its data collection and research efforts.

If this conference is a success, then we will do it again next year and you can join us in the sun and blue skies (with no humidity).  My Chicago teachers were wrong about one key point.  You can get work done in the sunshine.  I work harder here than I did when I was a graduate student in Chicago, or when I worked in New York City or when I worked in "glamorous" Cambridge.  The state's budget crisis will end, UCLA will become "self-sufficient" (i.e privatize) and order will be restored to the Star Wars galaxy.  This is paradise.  Life is too short to be miserable 9 months of the year (we did like Boston's May, September and October).