Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Can UCLA Learn from UW-Madison's "Privatization" Efforts?

We need guinea pigs and I thank my friends at UW-Madison for teaching us these lessons.   I don't believe that UCLA needs Sacramento's $.   Sacramento would clearly like to give my campus less $.  It appears to me that there are "gains to trade".   To quote Mel Gibson in the movie Braveheart;  "Freedom".     We will learn to compete with Stanford and USC in head to head competition.  We will raise our tuition (and we won't lose market share due to our offering an increasingly high quality of undergraduate education) and we will raise our merit scholarship aid.  Poor students will actually pay less to attend UCLA.  The upper middle class will pay more.  If people refuse to pay our sticker price then there are other fine schools they can choose to attend.   Excellence means that you can raise your price without losing customers and I think that we are excellent and will become even better once we have secure revenue streams that strange political cycles cannot endanger.