Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Some Links

It is raining in Los Angeles. If I had known that it could rain, I would have kept living in Boston.  We do have a roof on our modest home and it appears to be working. 

The Smart Grid's Impact in Different Cities

Another Fair Climatopolis Review

Would the University of California mimic Sam Zell's employee handbook at the Tribune?

"One of their first priorities was rewriting the employee handbook. “Working at Tribune means accepting that you might hear a word that you, personally, might not use,” the new handbook warned. “You might experience an attitude you don’t share. You might hear a joke that you don’t consider funny. That is because a loose, fun, nonlinear atmosphere is important to the creative process.” It then added, “This should be understood, should not be a surprise and not considered harassment.” "  NY Times View of Sam Zell

So, could the University of California be an even greater research university if we embraced this concept of a "loose, fun, nonlinear atmosphere"?  Perhaps our wise leaders in Oakland should get rid of the hours of training on ethics and other subjects that UC employees are required to take each year.  Should Sam Zell meet with Mark Yudoff to discuss how we could merge our respective operations?