Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Nerds Gone Wild

I don't own a tv so I don't know what goes on --- on this new show called The Big Bang and I don't care. But, I am happy to see pro physicists receiving some public attention without getting a hair style like Einstein or making pronouncements about world peace. My colleague Dr. Saltzberg is clearly diversifying his portfolio of pursuits.

From looking at his resume, I see that we were at the University of Chicago at the same time for graduate school. Back then, I knew many physicists and used to lose to them at chess. Despite our shared Chicago past and our present UCLA stationary, our paths have diverged, he has experienced a Los Angeles glamour that I've been deprived of.

"Still, problems and questions arise, which is where David Saltzberg, a particle physicist at the University of California, Los Angeles, and the show’s scientific consultant, comes in. Besides supplying the equations that appear on whiteboards in Sheldon and Leonard’s living room, he sometimes advises on the plotting and characters’ scientific predilections.

Dr. Saltzberg, who blogs about his activities on the show, said that many of the people who grouse to him about the show have not seen very much of it. His comments were echoed by Mr. Prady, one of the producers, who rejected the notion that the show stereotypes women. “Far from being a dumb blonde, Penny has demonstrated time and again that she possesses above average intelligence and practical knowledge that often far exceeds that of the guys,” he wrote in an e-mail message." "

This is all very nice.

I do think that a better TV show would be to take the underemployed posters at www.econjobrumors.com and allow them to harness their energy and anger in creating a show.

We could hold a competition in which;

A. sociologists would write their show

B. physicists have their show

C. economists have their show

and then similar to American Idol --- the American People would decide who has the best show and the Department that wins gets more $ from the Deans.