Friday, November 13, 2009

This Week's Lexington Column in The Economist

My mother has always liked Mike Cragg so she will be happy to see that Cragg and I are cited in this Lexington Column in The Economist . People have been interested in our work examining the political economy of Carbon voting such as the vote on the June 2009 American Clean Energy and Security Act. Based on analyzing actual votes, we document that members of Congress and the Senate vote "pro-carbon mitigation" when they are from liberal, rich, low-carbon areas. So, the Obama Team will need to craft transfers to conservative, poor, high carbon districts if they want to garner votes from such areas.

We have revised the paper and the new draft is here .

Ideally, I would encourage authors in other nations to think about whether they can use our design to study voting patterns in their nations. Self interest certainly matters in carbon politics but a little bit of "greenness" can partially offset this. So, this is a Chicago Stigler/Peltzman/Becker regulation paper with a touch of Berkeley hippyness! For people who know me, doesn't that sound like me?