Friday, October 30, 2009

Stanford University's Carbon Footprint: Is Golf Causing Climate Change?

Tiger Woods needs to use some of his billions offsetting his carbon emissions. Trained for a little while at Stanford, he must have enjoyed playing on this miniature golf course. I know that Stanford has invested a fair bit of money to be a green campus but suppose all of the golf course were transformed into faculty housing? The carbon footprint from driving to Stanford would vanish and the water now being thrown away on all of that green grass would not be needed. Given that the land would be expensive --- so close to campus --- senior faculty would live in smaller homes than in they lived in sprawl housing nearby , this would reduce their residential electricity consumption. With access to the University pool, they wouldn't need their own pool (which raises electricity consumption by 30% --- see Costa and Kahn (2010)). I'm a fan of density. Are you?


Anne said...

I don't think Palo Alto will let you do that. Palo Alto regards Stanford's 20,000 acres as the lungs of the county.

Sachin said...

Stratford University and Kansas State University faculty will visit DU for collaboration - Higher education in India is on an upward swing as collaborations with foreign universities are on the rise. Stratford University and Kansas State University from the US, and the Robert Gordon University (RGU) from UK are three such institutes that are looking to establish partnerships and tie-ups in India. “We have teamed up with the KK Modi group for ing campuses in India. We would be providing courses in computer information tems, health services, business administration and hospitality,” Rid Shurtz, president of Stratford University informed Financial Chronicle.

Ponting said...

I don't think that the Tiger Woods need more of the practice and techniques about the game,because he was not giving his best in last couple of games,so this didn't mean that his game is finished,he will make a come back,but about the must have enjoyed playing on this miniature golf course,good to share.

Mark Wright said...

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