Saturday, October 24, 2009

Job Opening at UCLA's Institute of the Environment: Asst. Prof Focused on "Energy and the Environment"

Who said that California no longer creates jobs? Here is a new "green job". Your office will be pretty close to mine and you may actually see me once in a while. In sunny Los Angeles, I mainly work outside but I certainly do appear at the UCLA Institute of the Environment. In my humble opinion, this is an excellent job. I will be serving as one humble member of the search committee. I seek someone who can help me raise my productivity.

More seriously, Junior faculty and new PHDs should apply if they have a real desire to work in an interdisciplinary research environment. If you are a structural IO guy who is only interested in formal identification results, then this is not the right job for you. You won't "backdoor" your way into UCLA economics. You can have as much contact with UCLA's excellent economics dept as you wish but at the end of the day our new hire's focus will be the IOE.

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