Wednesday, July 01, 2009

King of the Hill?

This isn't American Idol but it is mildly interesting to compare the "impact factor" of various journals put out by Elsevier. Will Ted Bergstrom ( now subscribe? I've published in 6 of the journals listed below. Can you pick them out? The only surprise to me in the set below is the Journal of Health Economics relative to Explorations in Economic History. A 4 to 1 ratio is serious!

Listed alphabetically
Journal Title 2008 Impact Factor

China Economic Review 1.154
Economic Modelling 0.342
Economics And Human Biology 1.725
Economics Letters 0.483
European Economic Review 1.039
Explorations In Economic History 0.467
Games And Economic Behavior 1.333
Information Economics And Policy 0.917
Insurance Mathematics & Economics 1.477
International Journal Of Industrial Organization 1.075
International Journal of Production Economics 2.026
International Review Of Law And Economics 0.377
Japan And The World Economy 0.288
Journal Of Banking & Finance 0.997
Journal Of Comparative Economics 0.897
Journal Of Corporate Finance 1.700
Journal Of Development Economics 1.323
Journal Of Econometrics 1.790
Journal Of Economic Behavior & Organization 1.125
Journal Of Economic Dynamics & Control 0.885
Journal Of Economic Psychology 0.943
Journal Of Economic Theory 1.224
Journal Of Environmental Economics And Management 1.730
Journal Of Financial Intermediation 0.773
Journal Of Financial Markets 0.576
Journal Of Health Economics 2.118
Journal Of Housing Economics 0.472
Journal Of International Economics 1.724
Journal Of International Money And Finance 0.860
Journal Of Macroeconomics 0.556
Journal Of Mathematical Economics 0.377
Journal Of Monetary Economics 1.429
Journal Of Policy Modeling 0.482
Journal Of Public Economics 1.278
Journal Of The Japanese And International Economies 0.526
Journal Of Urban Economics 1.460
Labour Economics 0.895
Mathematical Social Sciences 0.330
Regional Science And Urban Economics 1.216
Resource And Energy Economics 1.081
Review Of Economic Dynamics 0.954