Saturday, July 11, 2009

C-SPAN Book TV Debut

If you really have no plans next weekend, then you can watch my Eco Barons Interview with Edward Humes . I received a free mug for participating in this interview at the UCLA Book Fair this summer. With taxes rising, I expect that we will return to a barter economy where we will paid in services that cannot be taxed. I need some new sneakers and perhaps a new comb. Keep that in mind if you require my services.


Wes said...

I will keep that in mind. At the rate I am losing my hair, I will soon have a few combs to spare.

Edward Humes said...

I like my C-SPAN mug, Matthew! Thanks for your excellent discussion of Eco Barons at the book festival. Sadly, my cable company doesn't provide C-SPAN2, so I can't see how we did. What's the verdict?