Sunday, June 14, 2009

Book Reviews

How does the NY Times select what books it will review? Or more specifically, why did they choose to review this "brilliant" book about West Los Angeles? This book appears to offer people in NYC, who are unable to move to LA but wonder what their life would be like if they moved to Los Angeles, a good reason for not moving to LA. This book sketches an LA that I don't see. Despite the fact that a spouse is a UCLA faculty member, this is not my Los Angeles.

Los Angeles is New York City in the sun. In Westwood and Santa Monica, you can re-create the urban density of Manhattan. Yes, we own a car but we drive it 5 miles a week. We make 2 round trips by car by week; One to the Beverly Hills Farmers' Market and one to Whole Foods in Westwood Village.

Los Angeles may have more rich immigrants than Manhattan does. The characters who live in Queens, New York can be found as richer guys in West LA. Perhaps, we need a novel about these guys. I might read that.