Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Book Review: Cooking is the Key to our Triumph Over Other Creatures

Back in the "bad old days" before we discovered how to cook, ape/humans had to spend a fair bit of energy digesting the raw food and meat we ate. Once we learned/lucked into starting to cook ---- we didn't need to use as much energy to digest our food. The cooking took care of that. The cooking must have knocked out some nasty diseases as well. The energy we used to use to digest now went to our brains and we were able to develop above the neck. Since there are economies of scale of having a single fire, cooking forced us to socialize and to hang out together and this may have soothed the "savage beast". THUS, cooking is the key to our evolutionary rise to the top! This nice story is at the heart of this new book. I haven't read it but the New York Times book review tells a compelling story.