Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Can Google Invent an Autopilot Economics Professor?

The folks at Google are creative. If I'm reading this correctly, they are claiming that they have a new service where they will reply to your email by impersonating you and do a better job of being "you" than you do as you. This would save me time and people would like the new "me" more than the original.

But, my Google friends --- I would ask you to think bigger. What about a new "Autopilot Professor" such that Google will send someone to lecture for me who talks like me (and has more hair)? What about a new google product that eats for me? There are a variety of other tasks that I would like to outsource. Watering our lawn; taking out the trash, talking to my friends. I'm hoping that Google will soon have products that allow me to automate these tasks as well.

I liked the part in the google autopilot where it discusses what happens if both communicating parties have their "autopilot" flying so that the robots are having their own private dialogue with no "real" humans participating at all. Perhaps faculty meetings could be replaced with this stuff? This sounds like the start of a bad sci-fi movie but maybe Google should think about taking over Hollywood by generating random scripts --- so this isn't about Monkies typing Shakespeare --- now its about autopilots run wild.

POSTSCRIPT; a friend has pointed out that I've been suckered. I am a April Fool!