Monday, March 30, 2009

UCLA's Magali Delmas' Research on "Green Business"

It turns out that you can be a productive academic while living in California. One doesn't have to play tennis each day in the 4pm sunshine. Who would have guessed? What is my evidence? Don't look at me. I'm semi-retired. Today, my sole goal is to teach and to amuse blog readers and to talk to random reporters. But, I have great colleagues. Please take a look at this profile of Magali Delmas reported here on Green Business Research at UCLA's Institute of the Environment

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Wes said...

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We make a lot of choices daily. Better to buy a great cup, one that fits your hand, is comfortable to drink from and does not have to be transported across the western seas.

There will never be any study on this, but surely the revival of high quality local craftsmanship is one answer to being green.